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Giuliano Corino makes pretty, supple wines from some of the best sites in La Morra’s Annunziata district. In the words of Antoni Galloni “there aren’t too many regions in the world where readers will find artisan, hand-made wines of this quality at these prices”.

The Corino family owns two of the most outstanding crus in the area: Arborina (also shared by Elio Eltare) and Giachini. Barolo from Arborina presents beautiful floral character, bright red fruit and firm tannins. Giachini is distinguished by darker tonalities of red fruit, intense, perfumed aromatics and silky tannins. This vineyard is considered one of the most uinque sites in La Morra.

In 1952 Celeste Corino moved with wife and children to La Morra to work as a sharecropper in the farms of the area growing grapes and fruit trees. Celeste’s son Giovanni, who would later become the father of the current company owner Giuliano, grew up following in his father’s footsteps and eventually founded the Corino Azienda Agricola, focusing his attention on the vineyards. Today the company has 9 hectares of vineyards in La Morra, with an annual production of about 50,000 bottles. The Corino winery is now run by Giuliano, with the help of his wife Stefania and their children Veronica and Andrea. Here the entire family is involved in all areas of the winery – production, sales, marketing and hospitality.

The family holds great respect for their land, the environment and the health of the consumer as well as that of all of those working in the vineyards. In order to best control the quality and character of the wines they reduce the yields of each vine by pruning twice during the summer months so as to carefully select the bunches. In this way the remaining grapes reach perfect ripeness and balance and a consequent superior quality. A further selection is made during the harvest where the grapes are picked exclusively by hand, as most of the work in the vineyard.

In the cellar, they family are always looking for the perfect balance between modernity and tradition, placing the same level of care and attention from the basic wines to the Barolo Riserva.

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