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What can we say about Piedmont... besides it being one of the greatest wine region in the world, and one of Italy's best kept culniary secrets... we personally can't get enough of Piedmont.  

The Piedmont region of Italy is famous not only for its wines – the likes of Barolo, Barbaresco and Roero – but also its food.

The town of Alba is renowned for its white truffle market, and the nearby town of Bra is home of the Slow Food movement, founded by Carlo Petrini in the 1980s.  Turin is most major city, which was at one time the capital of Italy. 

In the prestigious Michelin Guide of 2020, Piedmont region wins the second position among all the Italian regions with several new names (three Michelin star restaurants in Turin that reach its absolute record) and a total of 45 starred restaurants of which 3 stars (the Piazza Duomo restaurant in Alba, where the International truffle fair is), 4 2 stars hotels and 36 restaurants with 1 star. The 2nd most awarded region in Italy after Lombardia certainly stands out among the Italian regions for its excellent wines and its culinary traditions. Piemonte cuisine is dominated by the fabulous raw materials of the region.

The Piedmont wine region is situated in north-eastern Italy. The alps form a prominent backdrop here, bordering the region to the north and west.  It’s a hilly region that’s renowned for its fog (or ‘nebbia’, from which the grape variety took its name). The most famous grape variety of the region is the thick-skinned Nebbiolo, however other red varieties include Barbera and Dolcetto.

Our wineries to try from Piedmont- for Reds: La Spinetta, Giovanni Corino, Gaja, Parusso, Cocito

Also try our champagne-method wines from Piedmont, CONTRATTO, planted at over 800 meters above sea level, we think these rival some grower champagne and certainly some bigger champagne house.

Map showing Piedmont within Italy