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Florence is the major city in the region, along with the picturesque and rightly famous wine towns of Siena, Montalcino, San Gimignano in the south before the region stretches westwards to the Mediterranean coast. Florence is an amazing city to see and walk (once we are able to travel again).  But there is so much more outside of Florence that Tuscany has to offer, especially in regards to wine.  If you travel North towards Pisa, you will find a hidden gem where our Producer, La Spinetta has their Tuscan estate in the Pisanese hills.  Overshadowed by the fame of Chianti and Montalcino, the wines from this area are often under-rated making them exceptional value and of equal quality (if not better). 

Travel directly southwest of Florence and you will hit the coast and home to the famous Super Tuscan region of Bolgheri.  Home to names like Ornellaia, Sassicaia, and Tignanello, Bolgheri is not to be over-looked.

To the south of Florence you'll find Chianti and the (Chianti) Classico region, almost synonymous with Tuscany.  Unfortunately, Chianti has suffered a little from its past. Wicker bottles and cheap and cheerful wines, some of dubious quality can leave lasting memories, but truth be told, the wines have never been better. The farming has improved exponentially and the wholesale uptake of organic viticulture by Chianti growers is one of the regions great success stories and it certainly shows in the wines.

Chianti is a savoury red that is predominately sangiovese (minimum of 60% by law). Medium-bodied, high in acidity and jammed with wild cherry, red fruits, balsamic, wild herbal and tobacco notes - it’s delicious. The Chianti region is quite large and there are plenty of lovely wines, but in its heart, you’ll find the Chianti Classico sub-region and this is the place to aim for the best wines. 

Must try: Castello di Ama.  What Gucci and Prada are for Italian fashion, Castello di Ama is for Italian wine.  One of the most iconic wineries in Italy and certainly in Chianti.   And for good reason too... these wines are epic (order quickly as we have very limited stock)!

Further south still and we come across the famous wines of Brunello di Montalcino DOCG. Brunello di Montalcino is 100% sangiovese grosso and hails from one of the most beautiful towns (Montalcino) in the region. The wines here are bolder than Chianti with deeper fruit profiles and structure, and have an enviable track record of ageing beautifully. They are considered some of the world's best wines.   And we think we have two of the very best wineries in all of Montalcino:

Sesta di Sopra (making 5000 bottles total annually... Enrica, the owner, is often said to be found picking off damaged grapes one by one in the vineyards with tweezers).  Allocation only.

Angelo Gaja's Montalcino winery; Pieve Santa Restituta.  With a name like Gaja making these wines and farming the grapes, you know it will be special... and the wines certainly don't disappoint.  It is everything you would expect from Gaja if not more. 


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