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Located in northeastern Italy, to the eastern side of Lake Garda, the scenic vineyards of Valpolicella start in the fertile plains and progressively climb up the hills, north of Verona, offering a magnificent view over the town. This is an area full of history, culture and it's home to some of the best Italian wines.

Grapes and wine have been well soaked in the history of Valpolicella (valley of many cellars) dating from the prehistoric era, through Roman to Medieval times, beginning with “Vino Retico” nowadays known as Recioto wine; the quality of which was already known by Emperor Augustus and from which is derived today Amarone, a dry, severe, fragrant wine, universally regarded as the finest wine made in this area and ones of Italy’s most important reds.

Valpolicella has an extension of 25 km from West to East and 12 km from North to South. The city of Verona is nestled in the Southern heart of a complex system of valleys that flows from North (Monti Lessini) to South. The Adige river borders the Valpolicella area on its western and southern sides.

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Map showing the Valpolicello wine region in Italy