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La Spinetta Tuscany

You’re Piedmontese, why make wines in Tuscany?

Answered by Giorgio Rivetti, Owner/Winemaker: “I needed to prove a point. One dinner, after many glasses of wine, a great friend of mine and I had a discussion where he insisted that in Tuscany it was impossible to make great Chianti without adding other grape varietals. I strongly disagreed with him and we had a big argument. 

The following morning the conversation was still was weighing on my mind so my brothers Bruno, Carlo and I decided to go on a road trip and see if we could find a piece of land that intrigued us and could lend itself to our experiment. That was in 2000. 

My friend today is also convinced that you can make fantastic Chianti with 100% Sangiovese.

It’s been very exciting for me as a winemaker to make wine in new soil, to learn more about Sangiovese and other indigenous varietals native to Tuscany.  I must remember to thank him for his idea.”

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