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Linea Retta

Linea Retta is winemaking collaboration between two renowned winemakers: Italy’s Giorgio Rivetti and West Australia’s Larry Cherubino.

The name ‘Linea Retta’ (an Italian expression that can be translated as a ‘straight line’; ‘as the bird flies’) refers to their shared ‘vineyard first’ winemaking philosophies; a way of connecting the two wine-makers living at opposite ends of the wine world.

Larry love’s of Italy and in particular the wines of Piedmont meant that when the opportunity arose to collaborate with Giorgio he could not resist. “I have admired Giorgio’s wines from the first time I was introduced to ‘Pin’ in London almost 20 years ago and never thought I would be working with the man himself, so I feel incredibly lucky!” Linea Retta is the result.

Giorgio Rivetti

Robert Parker Jr. on Giorgio Rivetti: “One of Italy’s most fashionable winemakers/proprietors, Giorgio Rivetti displays a masterful touch whether he is making Barbera, Moscato d’Asti, or his proprietary red wine Pin.” Giorgio works by the principle that 90% of a wine is made in the vineyard, and considers himself a traditionalist. Since leading the family’s charge into red wines when he made a Barbera d’Asti in 1985, La Spinetta has become a leading force in both Piedmont and Tuscany.

Larry Cherubino

Larry Cherubino has worked for or consulted to some of the biggest names in the world world, but it is under his own Cherubino labels that he explores the regions of Western Australia. His sustainably farmed sites grow classic varieties, as well as welcoming a brace of less-familiar grapes with a big emphasis on Italian varietals.